Image of Sandy Dollar

Meet Sandy Dollar “the Savings Sanderling”. Sandy wants you to start off on the right financial foot. That is why she encourages everyone to open up a savings account at Southern Lakes Credit Union. By opening up a savings account, Sandy knows that you will begin to develop good habits by putting away money today so you have it to use in the future.

When Sandy is not sharing ways you can be a super saver, she can be seen on a lake nearby you, counting her dollars.

Be like Sandy Dollar and fly into the savings your dollars deserve.

At Southern Lakes for youth up to the age of 12 we have a special savings account just for you. This account allows you to begin saving money in your own name. Sandy will make the first Deposit of $5.00 for you (this is the minimum you need to keep in your account to keep it open). Every time you make a deposit you get to pick a prize from Sandy’s beach treasure chest. On your birthday Sandy will send you a card with a special surprise.


Image of Maurice Coin

Meet Maurice Coin “the Money Mink”. Maurice wants to help you spend your money wisely. He inspires members to attend financial workshops and speak to team members at Southern Lakes Credit Union about their spending habits. Maurice wants you to succeed with your spending so that you can make your money go further.

Even when Maurice is not handing out smart advice, he very rarely is seen spending his coins without a plan.

Be like Maurice Coin and spend your coins wisely.

When you get your report card at the middle of the school year and then again at the end of the school year, bring it into the Credit Union and Maurice will give you $5.00 plus $1.00 for every “A” (up to 5 “A’s”)



Image of Carl Heart

Meet Carl Heart “the Caring Coho Salmon”. Carl wants to help you find ways to share and give back to the community. He celebrates the performance of everyone who volunteers. Through volunteering, Carl assures that those efforts help create a better community to live and work in.

If Carl is not seen volunteering at a local organization, try catching him at a Southern Lakes Credit Union location.

Be like Carl Heart and give your heart to the community.

Every year in October to celebrate International Credit Union Day, Carl will drop $5.00 in your account. He would be tickled pink if you found a way to use that money to give back to the community.



Here are some fun and educational online tools Sandy, Maurice, and Carl have picked out to share with you.

Savings Calculator – Use Sandy’s favorite gadget to find out how long it will take you to reach your savings goal

Games – See if you can get a high score on some of Maurice’s favorite games

Explorations – Explore some of Carl’s favorite resources of great local places & websites to visit

Fun – Print off coloring pages of your favorite mascots