Did you know that before you start shopping for a home you should get a pre-approval letter?

It is very helpful for you, your realtor, and the seller to know your qualified purchase price.

The realtor knows what to look for in your price range.  The seller is assured you can afford the house he is selling, and you are not disappointed when the home of your dreams is just that, a dream and not a reality.

In the pre-approval, I look at your income, your monthly bills, and also your credit score to determine what you can afford. Then I will help you decide the best monthly payment plan for your unique circumstances as well as identify the best loan program to meet those needs. 

Now you can go home shopping.  Your pre-approval assures a monthly payment you can afford.  You can buy with confidence.  You have assurance you’re financially ready for home ownership.

Give me a call to set up a free pre-approval.  Even if now is not the time to buy, let’s talk about ways to improve your readiness for home ownership in the near future.  I’m Leah, I am the mortgage loan officer at Southern Lakes Credit Union in Elkhorn and you can reach me at 262-496-2254.  Let’s talk soon!