Did you know that Southern Lakes Credit Union in Elkhorn has a freshly paved parking lot?

Why is that important you ask? Well, in my opinion, it is a smooth surface that makes me feel happy. It is a lot like a brand spanking new home. Everything is clean, scratch free, works as it’s designed, and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So what does a parking lot have to do with mortgages? The answer is: Cash out Refinance.

Do your windows need replacing because they let cold air in? Is your roof leaking and your home needs new shingles? Are your kitchen cabinets and appliances outdated, and the refrigerator hums so loud you tell it to be quiet? Is your driveway so crumbly, potholed, and deeply rutted that it feels like you’re riding on a rollercoaster?

Refinancing your home with cash out can possibly lower your interest rate, lower your payment and get you the cash you need to fix those annoying problems to make your home feel “new” again.

I’m Leah, the mortgage loan officer at the Elkhorn branch of Southern Lakes Credit Union. Give me a call today. It doesn’t cost a thing to explore the possibilities! (262) 496-2254 or (262) 694-1600 ext. 810.