Did you know that Hometown Hero’s and Community Experts can qualify for little or no down payment on a home mortgage?

For example; if you are employed in law enforcement, the military, nursing, education, accounting, or as an actuary, you could be eligible!

How does a 1% down payment, or even no down payment sound? Sounds great, doesn’t it? We offer a special program that rewards heroes and experts who work in these fields. And it’s not just the hero or expert, many of the people who work alongside them qualify as well, such as secretaries, custodians, etc. The support staff is important too!

Even if you’re not ready to buy, let’s talk about ways to improve your readiness for home ownership in the near future. I’m Leah; I am the mortgage loan officer at Southern Lakes Credit Union in Elkhorn and you can reach me at 262-496-2254. Let’s talk soon!