Did you know it takes a very short amount of time to find out how much home you can afford?

In today’s market, houses sell super-fast! You see a house you’d like to view, so you try to make an appointment. To your surprise it already has an accepted offer, and it was only on the market for 3 hours.

This is a prime example for the need to get all your paperwork with your lender done before you make that first call to set up an appointment to see a home. Your lender can get you preapproved by reviewing your income and debt, and discussing with you how much you would like your monthly mortgage payment to be. Maybe you’re already paying $1,100 in rent payments. Did you know that many mortgage payments are that or less? Why are you paying a landlord when that money could be going to build your future instead of someone else’s?

Even if now is not the time to buy, let’s talk about ways to improve your readiness for home ownership in the near future. I’m Leah, I am the Mortgage Loan Officer at Southern Lakes Credit Union in Elkhorn. You can reach me at (262) 496-2254. Let’s talk soon!