Why is the 60th Street Location closed?

One of the most important priorities we can practice is to keep our members and our teams safe.  Because of that, we need to make sure that we have enough team members working at the branch to keep everyone safe.  Recently we have experienced some unexpected departures from the branch teams.  This temporary gap in staffing caused us to limit the hours of the branch.  The hours may need to become more limited in the future.  As soon as we can staff the branch with a safe amount of team members, we will increase the branch hours.

Are you closing the branch because you are in financial trouble?

Not at all.  Southern Lakes Credit Union remains a strong financial institution.  We continue to post strong positive net income, and we continue to see positive increases in our Capital Ratio (currently over 8% as of the end of June). According to the NCUA, anything over 7% for a capital ratio is considered well-capitalized, meaning the credit union has sufficient reserves to weather economic storms.  Southern Lakes Credit Union has served our members in the Kenosha area for the past 88 years and looks forward to continuing to help our communities.  The limited hours at 60th Street are not related to our financial position – it is solely a safety and staffing issue.

When will 60th Street hours be “normal” again?

We are working to staff the team and location appropriately.  When hiring, we want to get the best team members possible. Our members and our teams have high expectations and we want our front-line teams to be able to meet those expectations.  If you know anyone that would like to join our team, please have them send their resumes to us via southernlakescu.org.


How can I complete my everyday transactions?

We appreciate your flexibility. Our members can still visit the drive-up at 60th Street during the hours that the drive is open.  Please visit our website for updated branch hours as those may need to change based on staffing. Our 80th Street and Elkhorn locations are open in the drive and the lobby for normal business hours. Any transaction that you would have done at the 60th Street location can be completed at these branches. If you have not signed up for online banking or our mobile app, now is a great time to check it out. With these digital options, you can always check your balances and make transfers 24/7 and 365 days a year. If you would like help getting signed up for our online options, please ask we will be happy to assist you. Also, please note that safe deposit boxes will be available by appointment only. 

For appointments please email us at SDBoxes@southernlakescu.net

What happened to the team members who worked at 60th?

The team at 60th Street is helping at our 80th Street location.  Stop by the 80th Street location, and you will likely see some familiar faces.   

Want to join the Southern Lakes team?